Looking for Affordable Housing in the Northport, AL Area?

Northport Housing Authority can help you find a home

Housing is a basic necessity for life, and at Northport Housing Authority, we believe no family should be without a sturdy roof over their heads. That's why we offer low-income housing opportunities including subsidized housing from the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

You can join one of many communities in Northport, AL or the surrounding area. Our housing authority provides apartments and townhomes with 1-5 bedrooms that have enough space for even the biggest families. Each community also comes with plenty of amenities, from playgrounds to modern appliances. You'll have everything you need to live comfortably.

Northport Housing Authority is not currently accepting applications and our waitlist is closed. Check back later for updates.

    Helping low-income residents since 1958

    For decades, our housing authority has been helping families from all walks of life find the affordable housing they need. We can help your family by...

    Reviewing the details of your family size and income to let you know what programs you qualify for
    Assisting you with the application process to help make applying for housing as easy as possible
    Explaining the different public housing and section 8 housing programs you can take advantage of

    We'll help you make a smart decision for your family and get the housing you want. Contact us today at 205-752-8171 to get started on your application.

    We're committed to quality housing

    Having a low income shouldn't mean living in a house you don't love. Northport Housing Authority makes it a priority to provide communities that are safe, welcoming and free from discrimination. We also offer accessible housing units for residents with disabilities so no family ever has to feel excluded. We want every family to have better-than-decent housing and are ready to help you find a great place to live.

    Call 205-752-8171 now for more information about our services.